Introducing the Front End Editor

Easily edit website content right inside the front end of your website.

Place existing content add new content blocks via drag and drop.

Who is it for?

The Front End Editor is built for the “regular web user”, no developer or designer required.

What does it do?

The Front End Editor changes the experience for editing content and designing the site, it builds on top of the flexibility and breadth of existing features that WordPress holds.

Editing and changing the look of a website and seeing it update live.

So, what features does it have?

Powerful Elements

Each page edited in the Front End Editor contains elements and regions.

You can easily:

  • drag and drop elements into your website
  • click the cog to access element settings
  • Text elements allow you to customize borders and backgrounds, with a couple of clicks
  • Image elements make cropping, customizing and overlaying captions super simple
  • Gallery elements offer 99% of the gallery options you could ever hope for
  • Code and Widget elements that allow you to add any fancy code you like and, indeed, any WP widget

That’s just a selection, each element can have its CSS styles edited (if you are into that kind of thing), be made an anchor or be grouped with other elements. So many thinks to cover…

Enter Region Editing Mode by clicking the edit pencil in the top right hand corner
Enter Region Editing Mode

Add Regions above and below current Region or add sidebars to the current region

yellow plus - add region

Resize current Region to your desired height
Resize Region

Change the background type for the selected region from it’s settings panel
region config


Regions make up the background, and structure, of every Front End Editor site.

Add them wherever you like, fill them with colour, video, maps or sliders.

You easily add in or divide full width regions as many sections as you like, and even set regions to act as fixed full width background.

  • Full-width regions can stretch to 100% wide or be contained
  • Dynamic background regions can contain videos and maps (maps look really good)
  • All of the functionality of the slider element can be used in a region too
  • Regions don’t have to sit in a grid, they can float too!

Text Editing

To editing text in the Front End Editor simply double-click wherever you like.

Then just select the text you want to format and change.


Customize and create specific responsive designs for specific device sizes.